The Professional's Choice

Major label quality from a leading engineer and published author.

Your album will be mastered by Gebre Waddell, author of Complete Audio Mastering: Practical Techniques
published by McGraw-Hill Professional.
Poster These resources were created here:
The Digital Publishing Standard
"The Frequency Domain" spectrographic frequency chart

Also, Stonebridge Mastering is one of only four mastering studios across the globe with authority from the RIAA to assign ISRC codes.
Plugins Future technology is researched and developed here, with some exclusively used for clients. Some of the simplest designs are available here as freeware.

Gebre Waddell designed the bx_Refinement plugin, available on the Universal Audio UAD-2 card.

You can get everything to us in minutes on our streamlined upload page.

Rates and other information

Rate. $75 for singles, $50 per song for 2 or more songs.

Streamlined Ordering. Ordering takes three simple steps. Fill out the order form, make the payment and transfer the recordings. It takes only a few minutes with our streamlined Upload page.

Turnaround. We have an average turnaround of 4 days, although each order is unqiue.

Approval. After mastering, we will digitally deliver your album so you may listen in the environment where you are most familiar.

Replication/Duplication. After approval, simply transfer your album (WAV or DDP) to the the duplicator/replicator. It can happen the same day mastering is completed.

Add-ons. We have a few optional add-ons.

Image Representative of ArtistI have been producing recordings for more than thirty years. In that time I have learned the tremendous value of a great mastering engineer for the final finishing touch. Gebre Waddell's touch on my work is nothing less than "Masterful".
-Mark L. Carman
Producer, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, Alabama, The Judds, George Jones

Image Representative of Artist"Gebre, you did a GREAT job mastering the 'Zip It' (Turk w/ Lil' Wayne and Juvenile) and Maybach Music's 'Small Change' w/ Rick Ross. Made the mixes STAND UP!"

-Nil Jones

Mixing Engineer, Young Avenue Sound

Image Representative of Artist"The Stonebridge Difference isn't just something they say, it's real."

-Khari Wynn
Public Enemy, Music Directo

Image Representative of Artist"The tracks sounded great. I sent them to the producer and he also loves them."

-Hope Clayburn

Live Saxophonist, has performed live with: Allman Brothers Band, James Brown, Gov't Mule, Maceo Parker, Soulive, DJ Logic and North Mississippi AllStars.

Image Representative of Artist" Gebre at Stonebridge Mastering did an amazing job with our record. He is also very bendable and jumps through hoops to make sure he can do anything and everything to get you exactly what your looking for!  Awesome to work with!"

-Anthony Basurto
Joan Red

Image Representative of Artist
"If you need it done right, send it to Stonebridge Mastering. If you haven't checked this guy out, you need to."

-Angelo Earl
Owner of Soulstreet Records

Image Representative of Artist"Hey Gebre... I mean it sounds clean and tight. Hats off and keep up the good work."

-Joshua Eustis
Nine Inch Nails - Things Falling Apart, Feat. Remix Artist; and Telefon Tel Aviv, Musician -- Referring to original work.

Image Representative of Artist
"It sounds good, Stonebridge Mastering definitely has a great sound quality."

-Keelyn Ellis
Puff Daddy's Record Label, Bad Boy, Producer

Image Representative of Artist

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