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Stonebridge Mastering is a state-of-the-art mastering studio located in historic downtown Memphis, two blocks from the banks of the Mississippi River. Label and indie artists use our services across the globe.

Proven Knowledge. With Stonebridge Mastering, every order is mastered by Gebre Waddell, author of "Complete Audio Mastering" Practical Techniques.

Cutting Edge Tools. We use classic analog processors alongside custom processes, some of which are private and used only in-house. Several concepts are being shaped into future releases under third-party brands.

We listen. Our clients range from those needing subtle adjustments to those requiring creative transformations. Each project receives a tailored approach.

Pricing with only one thing in mind, accessibility. It is important to us that our base price remains affordable. With our extended options, those with higher budgets can add services as they choose.

Instant album preview. The day mastering is complete, manufacturing can begin. No shipping delays! We will send you WAV files for an instant review. For clients that choose the addon DDP option, we have custom easy-to-use album preview software (for Mac and PC). Once reviewed, files can be immediately transferred to the duplicator/replicator.


Gebre Waddell founded Stonebridge Mastering in 2002. Over the 12 years of operation, the studio has become a recognized leader in mastering.

In 2009 Waddell began authoring "Complete Audio Mastering: Practical Techniques" a book about audio mastering, focusing on practical concepts. Interviews, writing and illustration took place over 3 years. The book was published in 2013 by McGraw-Hill Professional.

During 2011, Waddell created the first spectogram-based audio frequency chart, now on display in noted studios and institutions.

Alongside mastering, Waddell now does research and development for the mastering tools of the future, working with respected brands in audio technology.


Full Service Mastering - $75 for a single, $50 per song for 2 or more songs

Unlike many studios, this includes unlimited passes and edits -- we will work until perfection is achieved. We accept payments by Paypal, credit card, check or money order.

There are few add-on options.

Check out our upload page for payment and file transfer details.


It's easy, everything for starting the order is streamlined on the Upload page.

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